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Zygmunt Solorz-Zak
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Zygmunt Solorz-Zak

President of the Supervisory
Board of Telewizji Polsat  
Telewizji Polsat


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About Zygmunt Solorz-Zak

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak is one of the richest men from Poland. He has repeatedly appeared on the Forbes World’s Billionaires list.

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak – The Media Tycoon

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak was born in Radom, a Polish city on August 4, 1956. He lives in Europe with his wife and three children. In 1991, at the age of thirty-five, he established a free-to-air channel network called Telewizji Polsat to be broadcast via satellite. Telewizji Polsat obtained a national commercial television license in 1993. It currently holds the second place as Poland’s largest television network.

The Polsat Group has numerous channels including Polsat 2 International, Polsat Films, Polsat News, Polsat Sports, and many others. These channels broadcast a variety of shows including entertainment shows, talk shows, Polish and American series, as well as informative programs. Telewizji Polsat recently launched two new channel stations; Polsat Play and Polsat Café which have men and women as their target audience respectively. Cyfrowy Polsat S.A. is a digital pay-satellite platform that provides a high-quality and enhanced television experience to its audiences with the help of set-top boxes.

Zygmunt Solorz - Zak Expands Polsat’s Activities

Telewizji Polsat has already started expansion across the Polish borders. It has bought shares Latvian and Lithuanian television stations. It may be the most popular television network in Poland, but slowly competitors such as TVN network, are emerging and eating away at Polsat’s share of the audiences. However, it is certain that Solorz-Zak will certainly take some steps to put an end to this gradual shift in viewers’ choice.

Other Ventures of Zygmunt Solorz-Zak

Solorz-Zak’s business interests have crossed the borders of television media. His shares and stock portfolio includes Elektrim, pension fund PTE Polsat, retail bank- Invest Bank, and the electricity producing lignite plant, PAK. The Elektrim conglomerate, a company dealing in power manufacturing and telecommunications was taken over by Zygmunt Solorz-Zak. But, due to overambitious plans that failed, the company is now knee-deep in a legal battle between foreign stake-holders.

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak – The Sharp Entrepreneur

Zygmunt Solorz-Zak is an extremely-able entrepreneur in the private sector. In Poland, he is known as the head of the top television network, owing to his channels popularity. He has been the President of the Supervisory Board of Telewizji Polsat ever since it was set up. He is also President of the Supervisory Board of Invest Bank S.A. since 2002, and President of the Supervisory Board of Elektrim S.A. since 2003.

Within Poland, he is regarded as a local equivalent of Bill Gates. Zygmunt Solorz-Zak was one of the few businessmen whose prosperity remained fairly unaffected during the economic recession.

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