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Zirk de Maison has extensive experience in the formation, capital-raising, and registration stages of numerous public companies, including involvement as a financier and major shareholder of several gold and diamond mining companies in South Africa between 1987 and 1991. Mr. de Maison is the co-founder of WealthMakers, Ltd., a private web-based research technology company that connects members to automated trading platforms for stocks, indexes, bonds, options, commodities and currencies for up to 80 markets around the world. From February 2006 through April 2009, he served as director of Mobicom Corporation (formerly known as Satellite Security Corporation), a public company engaged in the business of development and sale of proprietary, interactive applications and services for the mobile telephone industry that generate transaction-based revenue and aggregate end-user data. From June 2007 through January 2008, he served as the principal executive officer and principal financial officer of Sovereign Wealth Corp., a public company engaged in the business of developing, owning and operating mobile telephone and Internet advertising platforms that are used by mobile telephone network operators and manufacturers, retailers and commercial enterprises to attract and monetize relationships with consumers. From April through October of 2006, he served as the President of Safari Associates, Inc., now known as Power Save Energy Company, a public company engaged in the manufacture, marketing and sale of electricity saving devices for homeowners. Mr. de Maison holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. 

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