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Zhu Yicai
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Zhu Yicai

Founder of the Yurun Group of Companies
Yurun Group of Companies


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About Zhu Yicai

Zhu Yicai is a Chinese billionaire. He has derived his fortune from The Yurun Group of companies.

Zhu Yicai – Early Life & Initial Struggle

Zhu Yicai was born into a poor family in the Anhui Province of Eastern China. He studied economic management at Hefei Industrial University in China and began working for an ocean shipping company early in life. Zhu Yicai was very discontent with his monotonous clerical job. Therefore, in 1989, he took an important decision that changed the course of his career; he quit his job at the company that guaranteed him work throughout his life.

He set up a small business with the little savings he had of around 200 Yuan. He worked as a middle agent buying marine and seafood products from local fishermen and selling it to large food companies in the district. Zhu Yicai still recalls the tough times he faced especially when sitting at the back of a rented freezer van along with his products. His perseverance paid off when the business began earning modest profits.

In 1991, Zhu Yicai, who was very ambitious and still dissatisfied with the way his career was headed, decided to shut down his trading business and venture into something larger.

Zhu Yicai - Founder of the Yurun Group

In 1993, Zhu Yicai founded Yurun Food Group Ltd. He decided that the company would engage in meat-processing as the Chinese market was ripe for meat products such as ham and sausages. The company did not have an easy ride uphill since the competition in the market was very tough. He adopted his sharp entrepreneurial skills and decided that the only way to beat competition was by finding a niche in the market.

Zhu Yicai borrowed western concepts and introduced advanced technology of meat-processing in China. His company got an important head start in the usage of the new concepts of processing meat. By the time other competitors started implementing the same techniques, the Yurun Food Group had already established its reputation in the market. From then on, there was no looking back.

With headquarters in Nanjing, Jiangsu, the Yurun Group expanded over the years and today, the group consists of Yuruns Food, Yuruns Industry, Yuruns Real Estate, Yuruns Tourism, Yuruns Trade and Commerce, and Yuruns Logistics.

However, it is still Yurun Foods that plays a vital role in Zhu Yicai’s fortune. Yurun Food has four brands engaged in upstream slaughtering and downstream meat processing businesses of poultry and livestock. It the low-temperature meat market, their company has ranked No.1 for ten consecutive years.

Zhu Yicai – Valuable Contribution to the Chinese Community

Yicai also serves his community unselfishly. He is the president of Nanjing Federation of Industry and Commerce and the vice president of Nanjing Chamber of Commerce.

With a net worth of $1.9 billion as of 2009, it is evident from Zhu Yicai’s story that hard work is the shortest route to success!

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