Zevi Marco

Zevi Marco

Bright Start Towing in Vallejo, CA

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Bright Start Towing, Professional Towing in Vallejo

Call Bright Start Towing whenever you are dealing with a flat tire, dead battery, mechanical breakdown or any other towing need or roadside emergency.
Our experts are only a phone call away and are eager to provide you with professional solutions, day or night.

Excellent Towing & Roadside Emergency Solutions
Our roadside services include:
All towing techniques (dolly, flatbed, wheels-lift)
Towing all vehicle types
Car lockouts
Emergency roadside assistance
Flat tire change
Dead battery jumpstart

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Our skilled and professional technicians are available for your comfort 24/7, and they always arrive ASAP. Contact us at (707) 413 0230 help is on its way.


About the company

Bright Start Towing supplies comprehensive towing and roadside assistance services to Vallejo residents, business owners and visitors. When you call on us you know you will get top class service for unbeatable rates.

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(707) 413 0230 


1000 Marin St. Office 1006B Vallejo CA 94590
United States