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Dentist In Islamabad – Z Dental Studio
Wouldn’t it be great if you’ve had the oppurtunity to visit a clinic that has dentists in islamabad from each and every field of dentistry. At Z Dental Studio we offer dentist in islamabad from each and every department related to the field of dentistry. We have doctors that can take care of your gums,teeth and jaw under one roof. We’ve hand picked our dentists in islamabad to serve you in the best way possible.

Z Dental Studio has the following dentists available:

General Dentist
Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgeon
Oral Medicine Specialist
Oral Pathologist

General Dentist
A general dentist is your primary healthcare provider. Our general dentists job is to diagnose, treat and manager your oral healthcare problems. These include gum care, root canal treatment, fillings crowns and veneers. If a specialist is required we will make sure to get you a specialist for the required job. Rest assured, our general dentists are the best that this city and country has to offer.

The major requirement for our general dentists is that he/she has a minimum experience of 5 years in the feild of dentistry and has a certified BDS degree. Again, our recruitment for general dentists follow strict protocol that’s why we only hand pick general dentists that are good at their job and can play a vital role in providing you a beautiful smile and pain free dentistry.

Z Dental Studio As A Dental Public Health Provider
Basically Z Dental Studio’s prime priority is to encourage good oral health care through communication. At Z Dental Studio nothing is of more importance than for us to save your teeth. Our clinic serves the community to educate our patients controlling and prevention of dental decay and diseases. We develop dental care programs that can benefit you in the best way possible. Our clinic employs flouridation but that’s not all, we answer common questions and provide other oral health care services.

Endodontist – Dentist In Islamabad by Z Dental Studio
How many times have you heard that a root canal procedure is the most painful procedure in the field of dentistry? We’re sure that you’ve heard that many times. However, that’s not the case at Z Dental Studio, our root canal treatment’s are completely pain free. That’s because we owe it to our endodontist and our modern day techniques.

An endodontist’s job is to prevent any dental decay, diagnose, prevent and treat diseases that may cause harm to the dental pulp or the nerve of the tooth. Our root canal specialist is able to handle difficult root canal procedures and other root related surgery procedures.

Rest assured, we promise to give you the best experience possible and in doing so we will provide you complete pain free dentistry.

Oral And Maxillo-Facial Radiologist
A radiologist is basically a specialized oral health care provider who specializes in taking X-Rays. Interpretation and diagnosis of these X-Rays are done by these specialists. At Z Dental Studio we use digital radiography, to be precise peri apical X-Rays. Furthermore, if needed we will refer our patent to other radiology departments if other types of X-Ray providers. Our dental clinic is in constant communication with these health care providers, an appointment will be set up through our clinic.

Oral Medicine Specialist
Modern day dentistry and medicine have taken a turn for the better but using those medicines on a patient cannot be done better than by a Oral Medicine Specialist. Our oral medicine health care providers primary job is to treat and diagnose dental diseases such as oral cancer, lichen planus and candidiasis.

At Z Dental Studio we precribe medicines that have had a good history on controlling such diseases. If needed we will internationally import these medicines and use it on our patients.

Oral Pathologist – Dentist In Islamabad by Z Dental Studio
At Z Dental Studio, our oral pathologist main job is find out the cause of disease that may alter the structure of teeth, lips,jaws and mucosa. Our oral pathologist examine and diagnose biopsies, tissues and lesions.

Oral And Maxillo-Facial Surgeon At Z Dental Studio
All dentists are surgeons but a maxillo-facial surgeon is a health care provider that has done his/her masters is the field of dental surgery. Our maxillo-facial surgeon has done his masters degree from Ireland and from the UK making him one of the very few dentists in islamabad that knows his way around surgery. Our surgeon’s primary job is diagnose and treats diseases related in to the oral cavity and face.

Z Dental Studio’s dental surgeon treats accidental victims who have suffered various injuries and helps reconstruct their face. Treating tumours and cysts is also a job for our surgeon.

We recommend to place dental implants by a surgeon rather than a general dentist. This is because our surgeon knows his way around the bone. Finding a suitable bone to surround the implant is of prime importance for the longetivity of dental implants, that’s why we always prefer a surgeon.

We refer the following dental procedures to our surgeon:

Simple tooth extractions
Complex extactions that involve removal of bone and soft tissue
Implant placement and positioning
Complex realignment of jaw
Soft tissue biopsies
Fractured jaw
Repair of bone
Soft tissue repair

Orthodontist – Dentist In Islamabad by Z Dental Studio
A orthodontist is a health care provider that deals with diagnosis, treatment, prevention and intervention of malaligned teeth. In other words if you need braces, we will keep an appointment for you with our orthodontist. Their are currently 53 orthodontists in Pakistan and we have one who is the best at what he does.

Malocclusions and misaligned teeth may result from crowding, missing, decayed and crooked teeth. Our specialist is responsible for straightening the teeth with the help of arch wires, brakets, bands and other removable appliances.

The orthodontists that our clinic can treat both adults and children

For more information regarding Dental Braces, click here.

Pedatric Dentist/Paedodontist
The role of our pediatric dentist is to diagnose and treat children from the age of one and two to early adulthood. Our pediatric dentist can treat decayed, missing, crowded or crooked teeth. Our pediatric dentist has an additional two years of dental practice in a children’s hospital.

Management of a young patient can be a very difficult job that’s why our pediatric dentist focuses on giving your children a peaceful and relaxed enviroment so that they feel comfortable.

Periodontist – Dentist In Islamabad by Z Dental Studio
Our periodontist is a oral health care provider who has specialized in diagnosis, treating and managing soft tissue diseases of the mouth and the supporting structures of the teeth.

Our dentist also specializes in diagnosing gingivitis (Inflammation of the gums) as well as periodontitis (gums and bone diseases).

Z Dental Studio‘s periodontist performs the following procedures:

Simple and deep pocketing cleaning
Root planning
Crown lengthening
Soft tissue adjustment
Bone grafting
Gingival procedures
Soft tissue removal or gingivectomy
In most instances we don’t usually call a periodontist, however if the condition is to severe to be handled by a general dentist then our manager will call one for you. Moreover, if X-Rays are needed we will keep an appointment of you with our radiologist so that necessary X-rays may be taken.

Prosthodontist – Dentist In Islamabad by Z Dental Studio
The prosthodontist that our clinic has is a health care provider who specializes in the repair of natural teeth and/or replaces missing teeth. Replacement of missing teeth can be done by dental implants, dentures and crown and bridges.

We use artificial teeth (Dentures), gold crowns (caps) or ceramic crowns to replace the missing or extracted teeth. Most importantly, our prosthodontist and oral surgeon work together to treat patients who have severe deformities due to accidents or any birth deformities.

A little bit about Z Dental Studio
Z Dental Studio thrives to give the people of Islamabad the best treatment out there. We work with complete honesty and transparency which makes us the best dentists on Islamabad. All of out dental practitioners are certified doctors that have alot of experience in their respective fields. Most importantly we tend to keep our rates as affordable to the general public as possible.


About the company

After all wouldn’t it be great if you had the oppurtunity to visit one of the best dentists in Islamabad? At Z Dental Studio our main priority is to provide you the best dental care in the entire country. Ranging from surgeons to orthodontists, we tend to provide our valuable patients dentists from each and every faculty from the field of dentistry.

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