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Yonker Harkley

Lack of sleep – Resulting in severe side effects

654413, Barbados

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Sometime or other when you look at your face in a mirror, you might have noticed those bloodshot eyes and a tiring face.  This is the only visible symptom that indicates you haven’t slept the whole night.lack of sleep not only results in tiredness but also affects your body and mind in several ways. Do you know which part of your body is much affected due to lack of sleep? It is the brain. As we know well, brain is the only part of our body that makes the entire nervous system to function. Lack of sleep plays a vital role in affecting brain and its cognitive function. While it is brain on one side, lack of sleep on the other hand results in heart diseases, heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, irregular heartbeat and stroke.

lack of sleep side effects also includes mental disorder. You will be entirely lost in all the things you do. Your memory starts to shrink along with your weight. Your intact ability to listen, learn, and concentrate begin to disappear.  You might even forget basic information like names, addresses, and phone numbers of persons who are much closer to you.  Lack of sleep side effects also result in pimples, acne and other skin problems. You would feel irritated by all means and as a consequence, you start yelling at people around you. Impatience is a serious side effect you face mentally due to lack of sleep. Headaches and work pressures are also the very common outshoots.

Above all, sleep deprivation happens to be the major cause for all sorts of accidents. Each day we keep hearing about accidents taking place due to sleepy driving.  Sleep matters a lot in making you think and learn things. Getting an adequate sleep is highly significant for your sex life too. Your looks also get bothered with lack of sleep. You can notice severe dark circles around your eyes and can see your skin getting dry each day. In addition, a few can even experience dizziness and vomiting if sleep has been avoided for a couple of days incessantly.  If not slept properly, your day wouldn’t be comforting and soothing. You can find yourself more restless than ever. Some can even witness their hands shivering in tiredness.

If you are skipping sleep constantly, then here is something very serious you got to know. Lack of sleep reduces your life span. Yes, several researchers have found that both lack of sleep and excessive sleepiness has the tendency to double the risks of death. People who sleep less than four hours a day are expected to face an increased risk of death. Without sleep, your immune system gets weakened, which results in the decrease of white blood cells. This finally leads to death. So friends, you would have now known how lack of sleep affects your body and mind. And do keep in mind, “The less you sleep, the sooner you die”.

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