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Yasir Mohd




About Me

I pride myself on being one of the founding members of Fast-Guide and a talented writer. I usually write on topics that I’m fairly knowledgeable and passionate about. Some of those topics include Psychology, Philosophy, Nutritional Science and Accomplishment. I’m simply fascinated by the sophistication of the human brain, it’s potential and how to use it to accomplish more. I like conducting research and seek help on such topics, as to familiarize myself with the new findings in order to understand the purpose of the human life and how to take control of it and live it the way you want it, and whether it’s possible or not.

Want to be happy? Want to feel secure and confident? Want to enjoy desserts without worrying about health?
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About the company

Fast-Guide was created for the sole purpose of empowering you and enabling you to live a happier and healthier life. All four of the founders have seen changes take place in our own lives and it sparked interest in all of us, making us more passionate and curious as to why and how exactly did those changes happen. We decided to pool our resources and knowledge to bring you fast guides and solutions to very common problems. You’ll find guides on topics such as how to be happy, as well as topics related to physical health, such as how to make healthy desserts, as we believe both physical and mental health are linked and you need both to function properly. We enable you to live your life to the fullest, without compromising for anything and have a joyful and wonderful life! Healthy Desserts

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