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How to Sell High Ticket Coaching Courses
High Ticket Selling means Selling on Value, not on Price
How to make the shift to High value Sales
If you want to sell High Priced Coaching Programs Online, you need to make a shift from selling product features, benefits and pricing, to selling the value of the results that clients get from working with you.

Where can you create the greatest value?
If you want to make the shift to High Value Sales you need to start working out your High Value Selling Proposition because when you’re selling high ticket, you need to be focussing all your sales and marketing efforts on the buyers, the messaging and the products that create the most value. This means deconstructing how you approach your market, your offer and your product and rebuilding them around your new value proposition.

If you’re used to selling lower ticket products and services in the past then a lot of your positioning and messaging are likely focused on the product characteristics, benefits, features and price. These factors are still important, but they aren’t enough to sell to high end buyers at premium prices.

Instead, when selling at premium prices you need to be focused on the value you give the clients and the results they’re going to get from working with you. You need to be constantly creating and communicating value both in your service delivery but also in sales and marketing to build up value, something people want to buy and so they get results when they work with you.

So what’s the value that your product, programme or service provides?

Are you clearly and completely communicating this value to clients during your marketing, sales and service delivery?


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