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Alarm Systems: Types Of Fire Alarms

Fire accidents can't be avoided and they can happen to every home or establishment especially if the measures for fire protection aren't implemented. Fortunately, there are Alarm Systems created to address problems during fire accidents. There are various kinds of fire alarm systems that you can use if you want to keep your home or perhaps your business safe from fire. 

Fire alarm systems are available in 2 types: conventional and addressable. Let us get to know more about these alarms by checking on the information presented below. 


Conventional fire alarms are often chosen by those who are into using smaller alarms and for the ones on a tight budget. The conventional fire alarms are affordable and they can easily adapt to vaious applications.

Conventional business and home fire alarm systems require buildings and homes to be divided to different areas called "zones". Each of the "zones" has manual points and detectors wired on dedicated circuits. As soon as these detectors or manual points are activated, the panel will determine which among the circuit contains the triggered device and from what zone did the fire alarm came from. 


- Cost-effective particularly for small applications


- Large systems tend to be more expensive

- It can detect smoke or fire by zone but it doesn't specify a particular location. 

- Most people label conventional fire alarm panels as "dumb" panels simply because they are unable to provide specific details like:

- Location of devices

- Event history information

- Doesn't provide internet connectivity for alarm/trouble/supervisory events


Addressable fire alarms are Alarm Systems which are composed of one or more circuits that have detectors connected in parallel. Each of these detectors possesses a unique address on its circuits. As soon as for an alarm system are met by the detector, an alarm signal is automatically transmitted from the circuit to the fire indicator panel. 

Addressable office and residential fire alarm systems come with the ability to identify itself and its present condition. 


- Can effectively handle contamination over time that usually leads to false alarms. 

- Can detect fire better

- Can identify the right location of the detector as well as its current condition


- Usually more expensive than conventional fire alarms

- Does not allow the control panel to monitor the sensitivity of the smoke detectors. It will only inform you which alarms are activated

Now that we have identified and discussed the two types of fire Alarm Systems, you should decide which among them you should use for your business or home. if you aren't keen on traditional wired systems, there are wireless fire alarm systems that are available. Be sure to check some reviews on models and brands of fire alarms to look out for. 

When you have chosen the type of fire Alarm Systems you want for your property, get in touch with a security system company specializing in fire alarm systems installation. Work with a company you are comfortable with.

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