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World Surface Inc

Marine Decking & Yacht Restoration

Teak Decking & Marine Carpentry


About Me

World Surface, Inc. was started at the time when there was lack of professional work in marine carpentry industry for Teak Decking and Boat flooring. Since 10 years we are serving our customers with best marine carpentry services. Now a days, there are a lot of marine carpentry companies offering carpentry services and material and the client responsible for the final outcome of their projects. So, along with our marine carpentry experience and the knowledge, we want to create a long lasting and durable master piece of art and provide the intended or desired outcome so that we can satisfy our clients. Moreover, We are also the exclusive distributor of artificial teak decking brand “Flexiteek” which is the only brand since the synthetic teak was invented. Our marine decking services includes custom teak decking for yachts, boat flooring installation, high quality teak for boats, synthetic teak decking or Faux Teak. If you want to have a glance at projects we have completed, we invite you visit our facilities and know how we work.


About the company

We provide high quality custom marine carpentry services that includes Teak Decking installation, Interior Boot Flooring maintenance, Marine Decking installation etc. at affordable prices.

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1827 SW 31st Avenue, Pembroke Park, FL 33009
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