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Consulting Services to help Plan, Design
and Operate Renewable Energy Projects 

1021 Bandana Blvd. East , Suite 111, St. Paul, Minnesota,
55108, United States

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WindLogics - Products and Services:  


Wind Farm Planning


The most critical part of planning a renewable energy project is assessing the quantity and variability of the energy resource for the area of interest. Our science, models and methodologies are based on the most advanced technology and the most experience in the industry.


WindLogics' wind farm planning services include:


- Field Data Services and Site Selection

- Field Data Management

- Preliminary Wind / Energy Assessment

- Preliminary Layouts / Net Energy Calculations

- Turbine selection support


Wind Farm Design

The design phase of a wind farm project is a fluid and dynamic process that can present developers with new challenges virtually every day. The technical, environmental, regulatory, transmission and local issues can be daunting. WindLogics draws upon the most experience in successful wind farm design and development support in the industry. Windlogics' analytical and field techniques are proven and highly automated for speed and accuracy, and our wind farm designs are validated by annual operational assessments.


Wind farm design services include:


- Site Visit / Field Data Collection

- Electromagnetic Interference / Acoustic Analysis

- Preliminary and Final Wind Farm Design

- Turbine Site Suitability

- NCF Sensitivity Analysis

- Project Finance Support


Wind Plant Operation


Managing wind farm assets and production profiles to budget, and ensuring that equipment operates at peak efficiency, requires extensive experience and highly accurate wind power forecasting. WindLogics has one of the industry’s highest accuracy rates in real-time production forecasting—often 5 percentage points better than other wind forecast vendors. Better wind power forecasting means reduced imbalance risk. Our experience means we are uniquely qualified to identify turbine performance issues and to provide independent NCF analysis for M&A work, project finance initiatives, targeted asset management needs and business planning and budgeting.


Wind farm operation services include:


- Wind Energy Forecasting

- Operational Assessment

- Turbing Power Performance Testing

- M&A and post-construction financial due diligence


Independent Wind Energy Engineering


Independent engineering services are essential to the renewable energy industry throughout all phases of the project lifecycle. Planners and developers require pre-construction financing to initiate projects and their turbine supply chains. Owners of operating assets need financing to cash out their project pipelines and re-capitalize their balance sheets. Debt or equity investors need confidence that energy output projections are accurate and renewable energy assets will perform in line with pro-forma expectations.


WindLogics services as an independent engineer for solar and wind projects include:


- Detailed site audit, including thorough compliance evaluation of site constraints, setbacks and restrictions

- Advanced electromagnetic interference, noise and flicker analysis

- Evaluation of plant expansion opportunities

- Comprehensive due diligence reporting

- Independent support for wake damage and consent agreements

- Independent expert and court testimonies


Solar Energy Assessment Services


The same dynamics that affect the success of a wind farm apply to solar energy projects. Planners, developers and owners need the most accurate energy resource and production estimates possible to determine the viability of solar energy projects and estimate their financial potential. WindLogics’ solar resource assessments consider many independent solar data sources, including satellite- and surface-based observation data, to determine the most accurate representation of a site’s solar resource. We also use advanced software tools to create indicative solar energy plant designs, net energy production profiles and gross revenue estimates.


WindLogics solar energy assessment services include:


- Site-specific solar data collection campaigns, including guidance on instrument selection and deployment.

- Quality review of ground-measured data, including verifying the soundness of collected data and comparing and validating data with other solar assessment data sources.

- Long-term characterization of the site solar resource for both photovoltaic and concentrated solar projects (Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI) or Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI)).

- Design of indicative solar plants/arrays using many different PV panel and inverter models and accounting for various site constraints (obstructions, shading sources, exclusion zones).

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Science, experience and accuracy make WindLogics an invaluable partner in preconstruction wind farm financing, as well as for developers, operators and investors negotiating the sale of a wind project portfolio.
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WindLogics long-term pro forma estimates for wind energy production are 99% percent accurate — the best in the industry.
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WindLogics conducts power performance testing for wind turbines using the most rigorous IEC standards. As an independent engineer, we have the experience and methodology to get it done efficiently and at the lowest cost.
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WindLogics has provided field data and wind farm site selection services for thousands of MW of capacity with our proven science- and model-based processes.
Wind Farm Site Selection | Field Data Services and Site Sele...
WindLogics has provided field data and wind farm site selection services for thousands of MW of capacity with our proven science- and model-based processes.
Wind Turbine Selection Support Services
WindLogics has answered key questions to help energy planners and developers optimize selection and procurement of thousands of wind turbines.
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WindLogics uses advanced software tools to create indicative solar farm designs, net energy production profiles and gross revenue estimates to help our customers establish accurate project values and understand project risks.
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WindLogics helps you build and operate successful projects with our proven track record of 99% accuracy in long-term energy estimates.
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WindLogics uses groundbreaking Virtual Tower methodology and extensive global data archives to provide proven, accurate wind resource assessment services for essentially any worldwide location.

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