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A few days ago a friend recommended me a
'smoke' electronic cigarettes, saying i 


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Massive electronic cigarette health hazards of passive smoking

As environmental consciousness and health needs of themselves and their families increases, increasingly consideration to reduce the hazards of passive smoking.

In this regard, consultants recommended use as second-hand smoke - the smoking is dangerous, but the health hazards of secondhand smoke is way greater than direct smoking. Second-hand smoke contains each exhaled mainstream smoke of people who smoke, but also from cigarette, cigar or pipe within the aspect-stream cigarette smoke directly.
Smoking within the national sample survey to draw such a staggering quantity: 343 563 non-people who smoke, 39.seventy five% by passive smoking hazards.

long-term dwelling in an setting of second-hand smoke a severe health hazard, may cause many ailments, and should even be life-threatening.

In accordance with the survey found that long-term non-people who smoke exposed to passive smoking and lung most cancers threat than non-passive people who smoke in comparison with 40% to 50%; increased threat of coronary coronary heart illness threat 25% to 30%;
continual bronchitis hazard price elevated by sixty five%. In accordance with China's tobacco control report shows the number of individuals in China die each year from passive smoking, greater than 100,000. These survey figures are enough to show the risks of secondhand smoke great, needed to pay attention.

emergence of electronic cigarette, people who smoke have to solve the problem of passive smoking supplies a new choice. This smoke is a harmless non-toxic droplets, although there seems to produce the identical impact with smoking, but does not include dangerous substances, naturally, won't affect the health of  Custom logo products around.

A number of days in the past a pal recommended me a 'smoke' electronic cigarettes, saying it was no second-hand smoke, I rapidly buy one. Now even if the pumping front of his household, his household has slightly scent cigarette smoke, could be solved a big problem.

truth, as well as does not produce second-hand smoke, so that the whole process of smoking healthier.

increasingly consideration to the risks of secondhand smoke, also known as this because they don't want to let the individuals round smoking by people who smoke in opposition to passive smoking who may give extra consideration to use as common manufacturers of health products.

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