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The ease and the convenience the wheelchair has brought in the lives of the people who are physically disabled are simply remarkable. With the advent of modern technology, the wheelchairs have been designed so as to suit the needs of the people and make them feel comfortable in all aspects. Thus, one would not be wrong in saying that the wheelchair has contributed greatly in making a person forget all his problems and disabilities and live like a normal person in all aspects. However, like every other vehicle that is used extensively, even the wheelchair tends to be damaged quite easily with use. Thus, the regular maintenance and the replacement of the damaged wheelchair parts are very necessary. This article will be of great help to you in case you are looking for the different wheelchair parts that are easily available.


As a matter of fact, the most important parts in a wheelchair are the wheels and the battery, in case of an automatic wheelchair. Among all the wheelchair parts, the wheels are very important as they are the ones that offer mobility to the wheelchair. Thus, it is very important that one takes ample care in maintaining the wheels effectively. The wheels need to be always in the best condition with the bearings made intact so that the vehicle moves around easily with the minimum of efforts. Also, if one has observed the wheelchair closely he would have seen that the front wheel castors are the ones that actually provide direction to the wheelchair. These parts too are seemingly important and need to be checked regularly to ensure safe and sound operation.


The manually operated wheelchairs are easy to maintain and hence are quite inexpensive. But the disadvantage with this kind of wheelchairs is that they are difficult to operate and hence require an assistant to operate it. Also, the person who makes


use of the wheelchair feels that he is a burden on the rest of the people in the family. To avoid all these discrepancies, the best idea would be to opt for a wheelchair that is automatic and uses a battery to power it. It is true that these wheelchairs are comparatively expensive, but the comfort and the sense of freedom they fill in the minds of the person using it, is simply remarkable.


The battery of the wheel chair needs to be checked regularly so that it has a longer life. The aspects that one can take care on his own are those of the maintenance of the amount of distilled water in the battery etc. All in all, by ensuring that regular checkup of the hinges and the other minor parts is conducted, one can use his wheelchair for a longer period of time.



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