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New York, New York, 10110, United States

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Find the weird magazine and all the unnatural, preternatural. weird, eerie, unearthly, uncanny  refer to that which is mysterious and apparently outside natural law. Weird  refers to that which is suggestive of the fateful intervention of supernatural influences in human affairs: the weird adventures of a group lost in the jungle. Eerie  refers to that which, by suggesting the ghostly, makes one's flesh creep: an eerie moaning from a deserted house. Unearthly  refers to that which seems by its nature to belong to another world: an unearthly light that preceded the storm. Uncanny  refers to that which is mysterious because of its apparent defiance of the laws established by experience: an uncanny ability to recall numbers.


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Odd news and strange stories catch the latest breaking news in the worls of bizarre and laugh silly at weird pictures

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