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Web design London company, Kings Cross
Media provides corporate web design,  

344 grys inn road, new york, wc1x8bp, United Kingdom

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In order to properly launch your small business website across the World Wide Web, make sure to contact the leading web design london agency for a free online business review.
They will work with you to do the adequate upfront planning so you know exactly how to best present your information to the greatest numbers of Internet users. This includes making sure your site can be accessed by as many people as possible.

Though technology has advanced considerably in recent years you still can’t assume that everyone has high-speed Internet access or graphical access to the Web.
There are still people out there with Lynx browsers or whose only Web access is via a Telnet connection to a text-based browser.

Here are some ideas about designing for accessibility. Many people use mobile devices to access the Web and this too can create challenges in terms of accessing and viewing information across the Internet.

Given these factors, here are some ideas for designing your site for the greatest accessibility:

    Identify your page. Along with a page title, include a few lines of text right at the top of the page that tells people what you're offering. Don't make people scroll down the page or click on another link or two just to find out what you're offering.
    Make graphics optional. If your Web page doesn't make as much sense without graphics as it does with them, you're alienating millions of people using text-based Web browsers. Even those with graphical browsers may want to view a text version of your page if they can do so more quickly. Photos and graphics should complement the text elements and not take the place of them, so make sure the text can stand on its own.
    Identify graphics. Below each graphic, include a line of text that describes the graphic and says how large it is, so readers can decide whether or not to download it. A lot of people hate even waiting a few seconds to get an image of a logo or some other non-essential information. The last thing you want to do is frustrate users.
    Make graphics small. I've seldom seen a full-screen logo or picture that was worth the time it took to download it. Every page on your Web site should have text information. Text-first browsers like Netscape will get the text right away, and your readers will have something to do while any graphics are downloading more slowly.
    Put photos, videos and other components that take longer to download on a separate page. That way users can make the determination whether they want to download them based on their Internet connection.

Don't waste screen space. As opposed to a printed piece where graphic designers use white space to give a sense of freedom, when it comes to a Business Web site you want the information to stand out front and center so users don’t have to scroll through several screens of information before finding what they’re looking for. Use white space to help separate sections of information to avoid confusion, but incorporating white space for its own sake is a waste of bandwith.

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