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247WASH company provides you with high quality wash and laundry services. We founded the company in 2006 and since then our mission is:
To serve our customers, care about their loyalty and satisfaction and make the whole process of washing service and turnaround as simple for them as possible.
247WASH works with not only individuals. We offer this service to businesses. If you run a restaurant, college, gym and so on it would be also a pleasure to serve for you! This service comes with a regular delivery (you choose the dates) and a standard 2 days turnaround! If you need to contact us at (718) 744-4345 please feel free to ask any question. You can also use this contacts to order our services like Laundry Pick Up and Delivery, Dry Cleaning Pick Up and Delivery, 24 hour laundry and dry cleaning service, commercial laundry, wash and fold, wash and dry, self service laundry, Industrial Laundry Service, Restaurant Laundry, hotel laundry etc. We are serving Brooklyn, Queens and NYC


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1735 Pitkin Ave Brooklyn, NY 11212
United States