Walter Havekorst

Walter Havekorst

Renewable Energy and Technology Expert

About Me

Walter Havekorst is a distinguished professional in a wide variety of highly technical fields and has served in a multitude of high-ranking positions at Fortune 500 companies, such as Apple Inc.(AAPL), Oracle (ORCL), Radius, TouchStone Software (TSSW) and Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). 

Some of these positions he has occupied included CEO, Partner, Chief Operations Officer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Sales, and Regional Account Manager. 

Walter Havekorst boasts over 20 years of experience in IT management, marketing, and sales. His diverse management experiences included overseeing and administrating organizations with more than 300 employees and structuring implementing corporate financials ranging from $50 million to $1 billion. With advanced skills in C-Level and Board Level communication, Walter Havekorst maintains a reputation as a superb motivator and negotiator. 

Mr. Havekorst served at Apple Inc. as a Senior Retail Sales Representative. He subsequently fulfilled the role of Regional Account Manager at Apple for ComputerLand and later as Channel Development Manager before moving to the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) as National Sales Manager. In this role, he consistently increased the corporate sales growth rate in the range of 36% to 42% per quarter. He then transitioned to Radius, where he began as Vice President of Sales and was promptly promoted to COO. 

Walter Havekorst has served in several high-ranking real estate positions as well, including serving as the US Representative reporting to the President of Coldwell Banker in Europe. Additionally, he has served as Real Estate Property Manager at Re/Max, LLC, and CEO of Kulana Capital Management, Inc. ??

Mr. Havekorst is currently a Commercial and Residential Sales, including Utility and Marketing and Operations Professional involved in diverse PPA, IPP, and EPC contracting processes for ground mounted and roof mounted integrated solar systems in the Southwest United States. This also includes Residential, HOA’s and Non-Profits for the State Hawaii’s multi-Island region. 

Mr. Havekorst has been at the reins and responsible for the design of three commercial solar farms (3-10 MW) along with several additional projects on private properties. And most recently, he has been involved with Hawaii Pacific Solar LLC, as co-founder and involved in engineering and the financing business with SOLAR Partner, Solar Designs, Inc., Conergy and Rockwell Financial Group. 

Professional awards Mr. Havekorst has earned include Digital 100 Sales Achievement Circle, Apple Account Executive of the Year, and RE/MAX Platinum Club qualification award.

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