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Mr. Waldemar Novoa Jezler is a Brazilian-American investment banker from São Paulo, the largest city in the southern hemisphere. Jezler is best known for founding Libra Capital LLC, an investment boutique based out of Rye, New York. Waldemar Jezler grew up in Brazil and attended the University of São Paulo in the early 1970s, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, class of 1975. After school Jezler began his career as a management consultant for Booz Allen and Hamilton before heading off to Cambridge, Massachusetts with the purpose of obtaining an MBA from Harvard University. Mr. Jezler made the most of his time at Harvard, joining several societies and clubs including the Agribusiness Club, the Finance Club, and last but not least, he was the president of the Ibero American Club. Mr. Jezler received his MBA in 1979 and returned to his native Brazil, where he worked with various Brazil based companies, helping lead strategic planning, new business development and information technology. Jezler settled into a position as Assistant Vice President at the Brazilian Representative Office for Bank of America. This office managed all of Bank of America’s exposure to Brazil, which at the time was defaulted and in renegotiation processes. Working there throughout most of the 1980s, Jezler’s hard work and dedication helped him become a Vice President. In 1988 Mr. Jezler decided to return to America when he was offered a job in New York City working as a Vice President of First National Bank of Chicago. Jezler worked at First Chicago from 1988 to 1989 and was responsible for trade with Brazil, particularly Brazilian restructured and defaulted debts and debt conversions involving trade and interbank lines of credit. Jezler’s time with First Chicago was very successful and he was awarded a substantial bonus at the end of the year, which allowed him to leave the bank and start his own business in Rye, NY. Jezler would go on to found Libra Capital, which focuses on the structuring and trading of financial investments in the Brazilian Fixed Income market and has been a success story for Mr. Jezler for almost 30 years.
Waldemar Novoa Jezler - Education:    Harvard Business School, MBA Program in General Management
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