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Vidicom is an Award-Winning Media Company

520 Eighth Avenue, Suite 2206 , New York, New York, 10018,
United States

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About Vidicom

Over more than 30 years of creating modern and customized public media relationships, Vidicom, Inc., has established award-winning media distribution and public relations methods and continues to branch out within the media industry. Vidicom began in 1982, spearheading the videotaping, distribution, and broadcast of fashion shows. Since then, Vidicom has expanded its production to include live interactive online videos, on-the-go audiences, and several other multimedia distribution channels.

Soon after its foundation in the fashion world, Vidicom began Citybuzz, a network and media channel that creates and distributes programming that appears in taxis, hotels, and airplanes, in order to reach audiences who travel in the United States. Vidicom’s Citybuzz programming shows a viewership of up to 15 million people some of the best activities and destinations in their particular travel locations. Citybuzz also includes segments of branded content, during which the programming promotes some of Vidicom’s partnered corporations and brands.

In addition to its establishment and continuing ownership of Citybuzz, Vidicom has grown in conjunction with the digital age, distributing live interactive media through satellite and Internet distribution outlets. Live content is often filmed with the use of Vidicom’s Bronze Anvil Award-winning innovation InteracTV, which allows remote online viewers to interact personally with brand spokespeople by Skyping into interview sessions, as well as other live streaming content customized to the needs of partnered corporations.

With its company history rooted in filming live events, such as fashion shows, Vidicom continues to provide B-roll services that allow clients and partners to capture their company’s official corporate events in a manner that conveys the essence and feeling of an event rather than simply a visual record. Vidicom makes the most of its live content by editing and repurposing footage into short webisodes that can be distributed online, in addition to the original live broadcast.



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