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Proforma CEO Vera Muzzillo has added a financial acuity that continues to prove invaluable to the company her husband founded. Bringing financial expertise to complement her husband’s franchising acumen, Vera Muzzillo has helped lead Proforma to impressive growth.
In its early years, Proforma was recognized by then-President Ronald Reagan as the U.S. Small Business of the Year. During this time, Vera Muzzillo was studying at the Mendoza School of Business at Notre Dame. Throughout the 1990’s, Proforma consistently grew throughout the country, while Vera Muzzillo was working as an independent business consultant in the banking industry. She joined the company as the Co-CEO in 2001.
The next decade saw immense growth for Proforma: from around 500 offices to more than 700, with network sales increasing from $200 million to over $300 million. In 2010, Greg and Vera Muzzillo were both named The Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) Person of the Year.
Her knack for seeing the big picture gives Vera Muzzillo an edge in making significant decisions. Leadership is a quality that comes naturally to Vera Muzzillo. A mother of ten children with ages ranging from kindergarten to young adults, she strives to set a good example by volunteering at their schools.
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Promotional Products
Chief Executive Officer
Independence, OH 44131
Vera Muzzillo, CEO of Proforma, joined the company in 2001 and is focused on maximizing strategic development opportunities and providing comprehensive oversight to the banking, cash management, credit, financial, operations and technology aspects of the company.

Previously with Comerica Bank and as an independent business consultant, Vera brings over 15 years of commercial and investment banking as well as business consulting, lending and credit experience to Proforma.
2010 Person of the Year: Vera & Greg Muzzillo
By Dave Vagnoni
May 2010


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