Veejay Mendiratta

Veejay Mendiratta

Chief Executive

DNV Creations

About Me

DNV Creations was established with the primary objective of introducing a novel concept in the field of exclusive packaging. The business module involves the fusion of wood/plywood and veneer to create amazing combinations which add value to the product it is used as a packaging for the concept is widely popular for: Wedding Gifting & Trousseau, Wine & Liquor, Chocolates, Aromatic Products, Bath & Beauty, Golf Accessories, Certificate Scrolls, Candles and almost everything else!!


About the company

The beauty of this concept is that it can be customized for virtually any product, tall, short, square, round or rectangular!Tabata Golf Tees & Accessories are also imported by the company and distributed all over India.

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Khasra, Plot No. 336, Sultanpur New Delhi - 110030, Delhi, India