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valerie furey, florida, prevent animals abuse

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Ways to Save Animals Attend a humane dog training course with your dog. Learn to communicate with your dog, who is eager to please but isn't always clear on what you expect. Provide exercise for your dogs. Dogs need walking, running, digging, and exploring. Find your local dog-friendly park or work with your community to create one. Keep cats indoors. Indoor cats live longer, safer, healthier lives. Cars, pesticides, feral cats, and storm drains are just some of the reasons to keep cats indoors. With love and shelter, cats do not feel deprived. Educate yourself. Read books to learn to care for your companion animal properly. Compassion of AnimalsUnderstanding Your DogThe New Natural Cat Consider a more plant-based diet. Plant-based diet greatly reduces risk of cancer and obesity while helping to reduce the negative impact that factory farming has on animals. Drink alternatives to cow's milk. To keep milk production high, dairy cows are artificially inseminated and confine

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