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USAgain LLC    


A leader in the recycled textiles industry.

1555 W. Hawthorne Lane, #4W, West Chicago, Illinois, 60185,
United States

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Headquartered in West Chicago, Illinois, USAgain LLC is a for-profit clothing recycler with an environmental and social mission. Chief Executive Officer Mattias Wallander leads USAgain, along with the founder and company President Janice Bostic and a number of other well-qualified executives and managers.

With over 10,000 green-and-white collection bins nationwide, USAgain took in more than 2,800 tons of clothing in 2010. The company has recycled over 425 million items since inception in 1999, and this number grows daily. By using for-profit principles, USAgain serves as a sustainable green initiative that creates jobs and growth while focusing on environmental responsibility. The company itself has originated over 200 jobs in the 11 major metropolitan regions in which it operates. Each office of USAgain employs route drivers, warehouse workers, administrative staff, and a sales team. Farther down the supply chain, the clothes will create jobs as they are processed and resold.

USAgain partners with schools, churches, municipalities, and shopping centers to provide a convenient as well as a social and eco-conscious method to recycle used clothing. The partners provide the space for the collection bins and receive a portion of the revenue. This process creates a sizeable revenue for the partners, many of which actually choose to pass on the money and donate it to charities of their choice.

By keeping good quality and still wearable clothing in use, USAgain helps reduce the amount of apparel produced, which is mostly imported to the United States. In fact, USAgain makes a significant contribution to U.S. exports and the trade balance by selling a large portion of its collections abroad. Reducing dependency on imports and increasing exportable goods is not an easy task for any U.S. business in today’s economic environment, but USAgain accomplishes this with great aplomb. An advocate for recycling and green business practices, USAgain maintains affiliation with a number of recycling associations across the nation. A complete list can be found on the website at www.usagain.com.

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