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Unemployment Extension

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Unemployment Extension Benefits can now be extended throughout 2012 via web at Unemployment-Extension.Org, with Texas and Michigan being the first states to receive benefits for a full 99 weeks, reports Unemployment-Extension.Org.

While unemployment extension benefits vary from state to state, the average amount received by an unemployed individual is $298 per week. The current maximum time a person can receive unemployment checks in some states, such as California unemployment, is 99 weeks. That's just under two years.
As of September, roughly eleven million Americans receive unemployment benefits. 3.2 million Americans will have their unemployment benefit cut off by mid-February, a precipitous drop in income which liberals say the weak economy simply can't handle.

As part of the jobs bill presented to Congress this past September, the Obama administration proposed extending unemployment insurance for another 26 weeks in states which currently have a lower time limit, such as Florida unemployment extension and Texas Unemployment. Obama's jobs bill would still maintain the 99 week maximum period during which a person can receive unemployment checks.

Obama's proposal to extend unemployment benefits could cost taxpayers an additional $49 billion in the next 12 months. Conservatives contend that unemployment benefits actually discourage people from finding jobs. Numerous studies from economists from both sides of the political aisle support this theory for Michigan unemployment.

4.4 million Americans who receive unemployment checks have been out of work for over a year.
Ohio's Republican representative, James Renacci, says, "The length of compensation eligibility has turned from a bridge between jobs into an excuse to put off that job search for just one more week."

More information on Unemployment in any state, and online Unemployment Extension Filings are to be referenced at www.Unemployment-Extension.Org.


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