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Exceptionally performing asset management and servicing for commercial lenders and investors, Trimont Real Estate Advisors has been at the forefront of the industry for nearly three solid decades. What has consistently driven Managing Directors John M. Charles, Ernest J. Davis and J. Gregory Winchester is the company’s corporate mission to build One Exceptional Team that achieves results through a rewarding teamwork environment built with trust, compassion and respect for each other and their clients. Managing Director John M. Charles directs a team of Asset Managers and Financial Analysts at Trimont who are responsible for the management of all assets that include debt, equity and Real Estate Owned (REO), and has had over twenty years of experience in the commercial real estate industry. Joining Trimont in 1991 as an Asset Manager, Mr. Charles eventually became one of three owners of the company and has tremendously helped set the strategic direction of Trimont. Responsible for the supervision of real estate and financial consulting, portfolio reporting, loan and equity servicing, insurance, treasury, management information systems, information technology, human relations and accounting and finance, Managing Director Ernest J. Davis joined Trimont in 2001 and has brought his nearly three decades of experience in financial auditing and consulting to enable the company to develop exceptional policies and procedures, recruit and develop the capabilities of all employees, and provide motivational guidance to the managers in his department. Managing Director J. Gregory Winchester came onboard at Trimont in 1996, and has strongly used his nearly four decades of industry experience in a variety of roles to enable Trimont to remain one of the leaders in the field. With such motivational leaders at the helm of one strong company, Trimont is sure to carry on its legacy of excellence at the forefront of the industry for seasons to come.


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