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Greg Winchester Trimont is the Managing Director at Trimont.

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Because more genuine talent and skills can be amassed at a highly-diverse workplace and team-based work environment, Jesse Gregory Winchester always considers diversity an essential part of his responsibilities as a Managing Director at Trimont Real Estate Advisors. What distinguishes leadership from mere management is that good leadership encourages people to do the right things and not just doing things right, so J. Gregory Winchester tries to bring his own brand of exceptional leadership to help ensure those he directs are able to shine forth with their own talents and skills. Belonging to the core group that forms Trimont, J Greg Winchester considers sacred their duty as effective independent service providers of asset management and servicing. Therefore, Greg Winchester faces each working day as a genuine challenge to be the ultimate strategic planner, asset manager and servicer that everyone in the company has been known to be. With selfless dedication to whatever task needs to be done, Gregory Winchester also focuses on new business development to contribute more to the company’s sustained growth and development at the forefront of an otherwise speculative industry. With more than three decades of incomparable expertise in finance, banking, and real estate, Jesse G. Winchester maintains active participation in professional organizations he belongs to: the Board of Governors of the Commercial Real Estate Finance Council (CREFC) and the President’s Council of the Real Estate Roundtable in Washington, DC. Moreover, J.G. Winchester is an active member of ICSC, MBA, NAREIM, and the Netherlands American Chamber of Commerce.


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