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Full serviced and reasonably priced legal and IPR services with complete assurance, tm-india is being a foremost law firm and established in 2007, providing ranges of intellectual property law services, which include trademark registration, trademark logo and design, trademark brand and names etc. Serving across the India and abroad, the intellectual law group is prominent for many remarkable work and offering trademark services to broad corporate world and business clients.
Receiving much admiration and taking on also liability of supporting clients at all level while securing the business, brand or products or services from immense possibilities of infringement. In today’s ever-changing economy, tm-india is playing a major role in constructive of appropriate and secured business environment to make individual business popular across the world with promoting its particular products and services.
Numbers of experienced trademark lawyers and solicitors, trademark experts within the law firm and across the world, are highly proficient and experienced, offering top level trademark registration services along with supporting in various other methods and procedures of trademark. Handling all kinds of issues and cases allied to law and legal, experts at tm-india has complete understanding of resolving all types of trademark issues and giving totally suitable solution.


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Tm-India ia an IPR service provider in india since 2007, having great experience in Corporate and Business law.We deals in All IPR and Legal Services such as  Trademark , Copyright, Patent Registration, Company Registration, LLC and LLP registration  etc.

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