Tim Woodard

Tim Woodard

About Me

Over the course of his career as an attorney, Tim Woodard has managed to do a lot of work in the area of athletics, especially when it comes to compliance, recruiting, operations, and marketing. This is a function of his experience; At various times, he has been a Recruiting Coordinator, a Director of Softball Operations and as a Director of Basketball Operations. One reason he is so highly regarded is because everything Tim Woodard does in his life is based on his philosophy of giving clients everything he has, every time, regardless of the case.

One thing clients know about Tim Woodard is that he gives his clients a high level of integrity, loyalty, and consistency. He insists on all of that at all times, whether he is working in the legal profession or otherwise. You can see that when you consider what he does in his spare time. On that rare occasion when he’s not working, Tim likes to attend church, travel to great places to go fishing and hiking. Tim also enjoys following University of Tennessee and Notre Dame football and basketball.


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