Thomas J. Esper

Thomas J. Esper

Investments | Asset Management | Investor Relations 

Problem-Solving, Results-Driven, CPA/MBA Business Professional


About Me

Thomas J. Esper has a broad-based business background with an emphasis on analysis and added focus on strategic objectives. Previously he has held positions in the manufacturing, real estate, investment and financial services industries. 

Mr. Esper’s educational background includes a MBA degree from The University of Michigan. Prior to that he was a member of the CPA profession. 

He is driven to pursuing greater challenges and responsibility in a dynamic, forward-looking environment. 

Some comments regarding past performance include: 

* “Tom is well respected throughout our office and by our customers… Issues are resolved quickly and professionally.” 
* “…ability to 'get things done'… (effectiveness)… Tom is one of our most dependable people.” 
* “This (human relations, works very effectively with others), is Tom's greatest strength.”
* "Under pressure from everyone... Performed very well... Team player."
* “Tom is very effective at keeping projects on schedule... All communication is clear and professional... Though learning on the job, Tom has maintained the accuracy required to do his job. I trust Tom's ability…”
* "I highly respect Tom... He works well with others and listens very intently... very independent in his thinking. to evaluate process change with financial impact." 
* "Incredibly dependable. Very, very bright." 
* “Tom is a good employee in many respects… Needs little direction… Research skills for marketing are excellent.” 

Mr. Esper enjoys the opportunity to put his problem-solving abilities to good use and collaborating with like-minded individuals who are also committed to success and excellence. 

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