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The H2 Company

business networking tips

St Peter's Square, Leeds, United Kingdom

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Ideas for Networking While You Travel




Networking is an important feature of encouraging your business to grow. It means more than simply letting people know about your company. Good networking is about people skills, meeting people and learning to converse with them regarding your company, its potential, its products, and services it offers in a natural manner that makes them feel them at ease. By networking, you will be able to inform people about your business and have them vouch for it and your own professional reputation when they spread information through word of mouth.




Travelling is the excellent chance to network withcountless other business people. Even when you are not travelling for specifically professional reasons, you can still come across opportunities to network with a wide variety of individuals. It is easy to meet new people when you are passing time in an airport or are in transit in a plane looking over the latest airport hotel offers, it just takes a bit of effort to start a conversation. You could be surprised at what you can accomplish by simply meeting and conversing with one new person every day.




Starting Out with Travel Networking




Initiating conversations with random people might not be your cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Professional introductions do not need to be elaborate or particularly noteworthy; just be yourself and start off with 'Hi. How are you today?'




From there, use some simple questions to get your conversation going. 'Where are you going to?' and 'where are you from?' are a couple simple ideas. You will be able to break through feelings of awkwardness by motivating your new acquaintance to chat about themselves. Speak about your trip as well, and respond to their questions in a nice, respectful fashion. While conversing, you are sure to get an opening to tell them a bit about your business and what it does,what it sells, and other details.




You can find countless business networking tips given out by experts in the field, but the first step with any move to improve your networking skills is to meet more people. You can build an extensive business network quickly and easily by meeting a new person once a day.




Being a good networker is all about people skills; you won't need to sell anything to the people you meet, just converse with them normally. It might not be the most comfortable thing at first, but talking with new people will earn huge professional perks personally and your business. You might have to force yourself to take the first steps and start conversations each day, but it will be worth the effort.

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