TechOrbits Inc

TechOrbits Inc

A Leading Laptop Battery Seller in USA.

TechOrbits, Inc.


About Me

TechOrbits is a manufacturer and retailer of replacement screens, digitizers and batteries for laptops, tablets and smartphones. Their high-quality replacement solutions enhance and increases the shelf-life of their electronic devices. They offer products of all major brands of the world like Apple, Samsung, Dell, Sony, Acer, Asus and many more. Their other offered range of products include keyboards, USB cables and 3D printing supplies.


About the company

TechOrbits is a customer driven company which emphases on providing uppermost quality products with quality service that guarantees highest customer satisfaction. Established in 2010, we make and sell products that prolong, facilitate or enhance the most loved consumer electronics in the market. We provide batteries, screens and digitizers for laptops, smartphones, tablets and eBook readers, at affordable prices in the United States. We provide products for all leading brands of the world which includes, Apple, Samsung, Dell, Acer, Sony, HTC, LG, Lenovo, and many more. We provide Li-ion/Li-polymer solutions that offer unprecedented quality. Our other offered product range includes keyboards, networking cables, 3D printing supplies.

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3392 Madero St, Mission Viejo, CA
United States