Tamblyn Borton

Tamblyn Borton

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A multifaceted professional with more than a decade of experience in regulatory planning and land use/environmental project management, Tamblyn Borton presently serves as a Conway, Massachusetts-based small business operator and independent government contractor and consultant. Ms. Borton earned an undergraduate degree in agricultural and resource economics from the University of Massachusetts before graduating cum laude from San Jose State University in Northern California with a master’s degree in urban and regional planning. Afterwards, she lived for a number of years in the San Francisco Bay Area, during which time she worked as an environmental planner at Winzler & Kelly Consulting Engineers and a project manager with Michael Brandman Associates. At both firms, Tamblyn Borton worked on environmental and land-planning projects for federal, state, and local government agencies.

Today, Massachusetts resident Tamblyn Borton manages Sebastopol, California-based residential-leasing and equine-boarding firm RTG Services. She also runs an independent consultancy and project management firm, through which she has overseen numerous Pacific Coast projects for various entities, including a U.S. Coast Guard civil engineering unit; the Sacramento Area Flood Control Agency; and the California cities of Vallejo and Tracy, among other clients.

Tamblyn Borton serves as an expert on the EPA-enforced National Environmental Policy Act and similar state-level statutes. She also excels in interpreting local zoning codes and regional environmental laws and implementing initiatives according to these regulations.

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