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SWMS System

Safety Management System Company
Safety Management System

2000, Australia

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A summary of what an SWMS is about

What exactly is an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement? Basically, it is a document which contains a step-by-step description of how a task could be completed in a safe as well as effective way. The objective of making or planning a Safe Work Method Statement is to make sure that the individuals who are assigned to do risky or perhaps dangerous duties will be properly trained about the type of risks concerned for the task they do and just what safety procedures they could use for them. 

While an SWMS had been basically designed for high risk jobs in the construction business, these days, other markets have started using them as well. It is hardly any surprise as all types of job are susceptible to different kinds of dangers and managers should train workers about safe work methods on the job. 


People who need to follow an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement are the ones who:

Perform construction tasks
Use hefty machines like fork lifts, boomlift, cranes, tilt trays and so forth.
Performs a lot of tough hard physical work
Performs duties which involve welding as well as grinding
Does work within limited spaces
Performs tasks that require the utilization of unsafe chemicals


A Safe Work Method Statement is usually made by the manager or on-site director. Before a Method Statement is authorised and applied at work, it must be reviewed by the higher ups in the firm as well as the staff who will be affected by it. When it's been authorized, workers has to be informed about this so they are going to be educated about how to carry out their own jobs efficiently whilst avoiding the potential hazards in the workplace. 


An SWMS or perhaps Safe Work Method Statement should include the following:

Explanation about the process that's to be carried out.
Possible risks which are linked to the work
Step-by-step procedures on how to carry out the task
Control measures that will be employed to lessen the possible dangers that might occur on the job
All of the safety precautions that are essential to protect the safety and health of the worker
Identification of all the laws, requirements or perhaps codes about safety and health which are applicable to the work done.

When it comes to more difficult or even dangerous jobs these information ought to be included:

Names and skills of individuals who will supervise, inspect and approve the work methods, work area, safety precautions, equipment as well as specific tools. Included in this is a description on the coaching offered to people assigned to execute specific tasks at the same time. 
Details of what equipment and tools are going to be needed to perform the job. For example ladders, welding equipment and and so on. 
Details about scheduled examination as well as maintenance checks which have been or perhaps will be completed on the equipment used for the job.

An SWMS is not only good for the staff member but also for the employers as well. By developing a safety management system that all employees can abide by, companies will not only manage to encourage safety in the workplace but improved productiveness at the same time. 

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