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Health and Safety Regulations

2000, Australia

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SWMS on the construction site

Before we dwell on further regarding making an SWMS or perhaps Safe Work Method Statement for construction sites and firms, let's first find out what a Method Statement is and also exactly why it is very important.

What is a method statement? It is fundamentally a sort of risk evaluation document which details how work must be carried out in a safe, precise as well as well-organized manner. What's more, it aims to deal with all of the potential risks and hazards in the workplace which are linked to the task. In past times, construction companies could easily get by with out a sufficient method statement. But, today, there are actually stringent guidelines and legislation with regards to occupational health and safety actions that really must be followed not only in the construction business but also for other kinds of businesses and sectors as well. 

How Come It's Important?

Let's be honest; even for individuals who don't have any experience in the construction enterprise could safely attest to the truth that Construction remains to be a really hazardous environment for anyone to be hired in. Compared to other types of industries as well as organizations like manufacturing, there are more dangers in the construction enterprise than other kinds of industries as well as businesses put together. In order to minimize or cut down mishaps (most of which tend to be fatal), managers and workers are required to produce a set of documents which will enable all of them to adhere to health and safety regulations. Of those documents would include the necessary risk assessment. 

When it comes to medium-scale up to huge construction sites and organizations, SWMS or perhaps Safe Work Method Statements are generally taken seriously. In order to verify this particular point, some construction organizations prevent their own staff out of carrying out high-risk duties on-site with no correct risk assessment and method statement agreed upon by all concerned parties. 

A Safe Work Method Statement is a part of a company’s safety management system and also it explains how the work should be carried out in a very safe and also well organized manner. In addition, it provides a in depth explanation of how a worker or even individual can steer clear of the hazards or perhaps issues that are very likely to happen. Quite simply, An SWMS or Method Statement is actually a thorough assessment of just what might harm individuals at work so the authorities or persons accountable can easily think of the right precautions to consider. 

A Construction Method Statement addresses several of the following details:

- Methods and procedures in construction
- Products and tools used
- The way the gear are going to be transported both to and from the site
- Exactly where the materials are going to be saved
- The place the construction activities will take place

A Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS teaches both business employers and employees about what safe work practices ought to be used at work to be able to decrease risks and downtime. 

The Method Statement should be made by the onsite manager and it also should be agreed upon by all individuals concerned namely the main contractor, subcontractor and the consulting technicians (optional) before any job is started out. 

The SWMS should be created in clear and straightforward language so that everyone can easily comprehend the information stated inside it. 

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