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Safety Management System

2000, Australia

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SWMS: the objective of a safe work method statement

You might have heard about the importance of creating an SWMS or perhaps Safe Work Method Statement just for high-risk jobs yet aren't completely well-versed as to what it's all about. Just what is the function of a Safe Work Method Statement? How can can it aid workers and organisations? This short article will attempt to provide answers to such questions as well as offer additional information about the subject. 

If you are not really acquainted with it yet, an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement refers to a legal document which contains information on how responsibilities can be accomplished safely and effectively. A method statement is provided for each high-risk job that is done inside a business or an organization. Irrespective of the sector you're in, if you're sent to conduct harmful jobs, your own managers ought to instruct you on the safety procedures meant for that particular job so that you can avoid any kind of needless accidents or perhaps deaths. In a way, having a Method Statement benefits everybody; it keeps employees safe from any sort of accident and it helps employers stay away from legal issues as well. 


Generally the goal of producing an SWMS or Safe Work Method Statement would be to present organisations and also workers a precise guideline of how to handle duties as well as operate equipment as well as gear safely and properly. Organisations can't try to escape from the responsibility of overseeing the security and wellbeing of their own personnel. Employers are accountable for everyone who does work for the organization. Since individuals employed in the construction industry and other dangerous jobs are prone to accidents all the time, the very best solution would be to develop a safety management system to educate employees and manage likely hazards in the workplace. 

A Safe Work Method Statement aspires to accomplish the following functions:

* To organize safe work methods for duties or activities done in the organization.
* To provide a comprehensive and also well-written contract which employees ought to read, understand and also consent to prior to starting a job.
* To comply with legal needs with regards to hazard identification, risk assessment and control. 
* To help give measures to dangers that's determined beforehand.


A Safe Work Method Statement or SWMS is required by law to be organized for all kinds of process or activity that's carried out over and over again and is considered risky or even dangerous by standards. 

Method Statements ought to be comprehensive as they can so it can provide both workers as well as employers a good idea about how particular jobs as well as activities ought to be carried out as well as the way of managing the risk involved. The higher the risk involved for a specific job, the more info is necessary in the method statement. 

What happens if a company doesn't give a Safe Work Method Statement for the jobs and also equipment in the company? Odds are the company is going to be charged for neglect and also held accountable for any kind of injury that a worker acquires on the job or perhaps while dealing with products. Sometimes it can interrupt work and affect a business financially. Therefore, employers must always make sure to supervise safety in the workplace at all times. 

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