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Sungboo Industry, established in 1990 is the company manufacturing eco-friendly electric high place operation car, auto-changer, grain container, bean thresher and more, has grown as the professional in the agricultural machinery with support of customers.

We try hard to be the best in the field of agricultural machinery under the motto of "Development and provision of very reliable and convenient agricultural machinery". Furthermore, we have gained trust from customers with achieving various certificates including INNO-BIZ• ISO 9001•ISO14001•patent•new technology agricultural machinery. We focused on the development of changing domestic and overseas agricultural industry as a member company of Korea Agricultural Machinery Industry Cooperative and Daegu Gyeongbuk Agricultural Machinery Association, and make generous investment for the technology development of the agricultural machinery field, where recent various technology linkage is necessary, based on establishment of an attached company-affiliated institute and cooperation with agricultural site, college and research institutes.

We will be the company where creates the future with customer by making the eco-friendly high-technology as the new vision in the changing domestic/overseas agricultural environment, and we promise you to become a lovable company from customers through continuous technology development and various service provision.

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Sungboo Industry
(991-3 Geumsan-ri) Gongdan-ro 220,
Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun,
Gyeongbuk, Korea.
Zip Code: 718-802
TEL: +82-54-977-3838~9
FAX: +82-54-977-3830


About the company

Sungboo IND., LTD is one of the leading manufacturing in Korea for environmentally safe electric high place operation car, corn thresher, multipurpose power cart etc.

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(991-3 Geumsan-ri) Gongdan-ro 220, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun, Gyeongbuk, Korea.Zip Code: 718-802
South Korea