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Founded in 2008, Story Gaming Interactive Apparel provides customers with constantly evolving clothing lines that incorporate various plot lines and video game influences. In 2014, Story Gaming Interactive Apparel partnered with Future Pay

The corporation has been attempting to play an integral role in streamlined programs and projects to help the surrounding communities. Such as a few years ago in 2009 A Musical campaign of concerts from Top Companies subscribers in the Video Game industry to help the East Side Union High (ESUH) school district in San Jose, California.Our plan was to start A dozen schools in the district that would be given the opportunity to play musical scores from various popular video game franchises from Various Top Video Game Companies allowing the districts top musical programs the opportunity to play these franchises for their ever growing subscribers making the school an exclusive venue, and event, a concert for the Top Video Game Companies fans and subscribers. In which All of the money raised at these events would go to supporting teachers and important school programs. During its Planning stages this project was looked at by many individuals such as Zack Harrison of the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), Nintendo public relations representative Kristie Tomkins, Mike Webster of Capcom, and many more. Our goal is to bring this plan to fruition. Make music from a multitude of video games and incorporate a funding to providde for all schools through out the districts. As we feel this program and opportunity will have resounding success,growing quickly from the Peninsula to the East Bay.


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