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About Stig Top Rasmussen

Stig Top Rasmussen is a Danish poker player who has had a wonderful run in the last couple of years, finishing in the cash in most events. Stig Top Rasmussen plays true to his serious, no-nonsense appearance, probably one of the reasons for his impressive finishes in all events Stig Top Rasmussen has participated so far.

Some of his good performances include the 2007 CEO Poker Tour, No Limit Hold'em held on July 5, 2007. This event saw Stig Top Rasmussen finishing at the fifth position and taking home the prize money of $8,076. This was immediately followed by a 45th place finish at the prestigious 38th Annual World Series of Poker, Event #55 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Championship. Again finishing in the cash, Stig Top Rasmussen took home an amount of $237,865. No Limit Hold’em seems to be his favorite poker event considering his success in this particular event.

Stig Top Rasmussen has continued his impressive poker form in the current year as well. The year 2008 has seen Stig Top Rasmussen grasp a tenth place finish at the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, EPT No Limit Hold'em event held on Apr 17, 2008. The tenth place finish had him win an amount of $165,138.

Some solid finishes has resulted in Stig Top Rasmussen netting more than $400,000 within the last two years. With a good all round poker game, Stig Top Rasmussen has managed to turn heads and get noticed on the professional poker circuit and is steadily on the move to becoming a top rated poker player.

Important Winnings and Recent Results for Stig Top Rasmussen:

  • 10th place at the EPT Monte Carlo Grand Final, in EPT No Limit Hold'em event, held on Apr 17, 2008; prize money: $165,138
  • 45th place at the 38th Annual World Series of Poker, in Event #55 - WSOP No Limit Hold'em Championship, held on Jul 17, 2007; prize money: $237,865
  • 5th place at the CEO Poker Tour, in No Limit Hold'em event, held on Jul 5, 2007; prize money: $8,076

Stig Top Rasmussen Quick Facts:

  • Number of Cashes: 3
  • Total Career Winnings: $411,079
  • ProRank 1 Position: 1165



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