Steven Grin

Steven Grin

Managing Director

Catalyst Equity Holdings LLC

About Me

New York City-based investment and project management professional Steven Grin currently serves as a managing partner at GrinRock, LLC, and as a managing director with Catalyst Equity Holdings LLC. In collaboration with Florida-based firm Spider Investments, Steven Grin utilizes more than 15 years of experience as a fund manager for real estate and infrastructure ventures to guide investment strategies for real estate developments throughout the US.

Previously, Steven Grin created the Project Management Office within the Office of the President of Guyana. He led a team in the development and implementation of projects targeting a wide range of domains, from agriculture to ecotourism, for development in accord with the principles of the Guyana Low Carbon Development Strategy. As a manager of Guyana’s low-carbon development fund, he led negotiations with institutional investors and multilateral development banks to structure, develop and finance the nation’s first hydroelectric facility, the Amalia Falls Hydropower Project.

With a scholarly background in international finance, Steven Grin has coauthored studies investigating the prospects for sustainable economic development in emerging countries. While a master’s student at the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, he contributed to the Earth Institute-funded study Microenterprise Support for the Millennium Village Project. He also cowrote the article A Socioeconomic Evaluation of Alternative Development in the Tropics of Cochabamba, Bolivia, published in the Princeton Journal of Public & International Affairs.


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