Steve Morgan

Steve Morgan

Detox of South Florida


About Me

Hi. My name is Steve and I have just come out of rehab. I was an alcoholic, I have been in rehab for 6 weeks in Florida and I feel like a new person. I have worked on the demons I had that caused me to drink. The battle will continue but I have been helped so much I feel like new.


About the company

Detox of South Florida (DSF) is a Detox program with a bed capacity of 36. The length of treatment varies as per the client’s individual needs as Detox of South Florida provides Detox, intensive inpatient and residential one programming. Treatment is geared to client’s needs. Detox of South Florida provides a structured group treatment setting with 24 hours per day, 7 days per week supervision for clients who have major skill deficits in activities of daily living and independent living, and are in need of intensive staff supervision, support and assistance. Nursing services are provided on this level but are limited to medication administration, monitoring vital signs, first aid, and individual assistance with ambulation, bathing, dressing, eating and grooming as indicated in 65E-4.016(4)(a).

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