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Steve Cloward - Professional Summary:  Buying and flipping turnkey properties to investors. Joined Dubli Network to help Non Profit Organizations get funding from Fortune 500 companies through the Parnter Program. 

Dubli is the worlds largest ecommerce portal. Dubli gets consumers cash back when they shop online, book travel online, or purcahse many other services. 
Steve Cloward was with Search Control in 2013 as a Sales Executive. Search Control is a leading web presence and reputation management firm. Steve Cloward says with Search Controls "control tower" technology they can be totally transparent to their clients which is unheard of in this industry. Cloward says "so often a business spends thousands of dollars on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) where they cannot track or gauge their ROI. With control tower we are totally accountable to our clients and 100% transparent 24/7." In today's world of search you must have a strong web presence to stay in the game. If your not active on several web properties these days you just can't gain a strong presence. Search Control is the answer to your web presence needs.

Steve Cloward started running Tanks full service Car Washes in Provo for his father, from 1988-1993. Steve had the great fortune to learn a lot about business and focusing on statisfying the customer. Customer satisfaction, by offering a great service, at a fair price, in a fair amount of time, is all you need to focus on and the business income will take care of itself. The employees in any business are the answer and huge key to allow you to succeed. It amazes me that so many business owners treat their employees poorly and do not appreciate them. The employees are the ones who make the business what it is unless your working for yourself. As business owners, if you understand that one simple concept that I was fortunate to learn from my Grandfather. If you understand some of these basic issues you will then give yourself a much greater chance to suceed. If you take care of those who take care of YOU, then your employees will work harder for you, and tend to treat all of your customers with that same appreciation. You cannot forget that it is the customer who pays them their pay checks, not you, the business owner.

It amazes Steve Cloward to hear how many people complain about their boss, or the company owner. If you don't have happy employees in a good environment how does anyone expect them to treat the customers any different, or even care. If you treat your people this way, then all you have is employees waiting for pay day. You want to create a place where people love to come to work. By doing this small but incredibly huge step in any business with your employees, you will be amazed at how hard they will work for you. People work for a paycheck, but will go the extra mile for a little appreciation. Never forget the importance of your people.
Steve Cloward - Professional Experience:    Steve Cloward started Cloward & Cloward Appraisal Services just over 13 years ago. Then Changed the name to Express Appraisals 6 years ago, to help seperate my business from others in the industry with same last name. Express Appraisals, Inc. had offices in Orem and St. George, with seven full time appraisers at one time. Steve recently had his brother take over the ownership and operations of Express and changed his business name to Premier Appraisals Inc. which is the most accurate and dependable group of appraisers in the Utah market. Premier Appraisals gives its customers fast turn around, quality appraisals, exceptional customer satisfaction, and friendly family atmosphere in its office and with its clients. Steve Cloward brought his appraisal firm to a $1,000,000 plus in income for seven consecutive years.

Steve Cloward started Fan Bandz Corp.a for profit company, and Bands for Freedom Foundation a non for profit 501 (c) 3 Charity in 2004. With the help of his brother Scott Cloward, Steve Cloward and Bands for Freedom Foundation was able to raise and donate $255,000 to the Armed Forces Relief Trust and also $1,000 to the Fischer House, and over $10,000 to the sports dream foundation. Steve Cloward brought Fan Bandz Corp. to the market place with Customized Silicone Wristbands for the consumer to purchase and show support for his/her team or cause. Steve Cloward and Fan Bandz was to the market place on the heels of the yellow LIVESTRONG bands.

Steve Cloward has had the great fortune of having great individuals, with the highest character and integrity work for him over many years. Steve Cloward credits his success in all of his ventures to the people he had working "with" him.  w
Expect to Win!
Steve Cloward
Steve Cloward - Education:  Some years of college in Business management classes at Utah Valley University. Graduate from the School of hard knocks!

Steve Cloward - Interests:  Family, baseball, golf and helping people improve their businesses.
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Steve Cloward recently joined Search Control as a Sales Executive. Search Control is a leading web presence firm that helps businesses and professionals with their online presence and reputation. Steve Cloward says Search Controls proprietary technology with "Control Tower" allows its clients to have access to everything their doing 24/7 in real time. This allows 100% transparency to all clients and keeps Search Control accountable at all time. No longer is Search Optimization all you need, in today's world of search, Cloward says "you must have Search Control." What We Do Search Engine Optimization Ensuring your website ranks with the top search engines should always be a top priority for any business with an online web presence.. Social Media Management It's important, not only to your customers, but to large search engines, to always have a strong social media pres

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