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Steve Cloward
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Steve Cloward

Steve Cloward Presents PlanetBuzz.com

84058, United States

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About Steve Cloward

Steve Cloward started running Tanks full service Car Washes in Provo and Orem for his Dad, Dr. Sherman Cloward from 1988-1993. I had the great fortune to learn a lot about business and focusing on statisfying the customer. Customer satisfaction, by offering a great service, at a fair price, in a fair amount of time, is all you need to focus on and the business income will take care of itself. The employees in any business are the answer and huge key to allow you to succeed. It amazes me that so many business owners treat their employees poorly and do not appreciate them. The employees are the ones who make the business what it is unless your working for yourself. As business owners, if you understand that one simple concept that I was fortunate to learn from my Grandfather Wells Cloward, then you give yourself a much greater chance to suceed. If you take care of those who take care of YOU, then your employees will work harder for you, and tend to treat all of your customers with that same appreciation, because it is the customer who pays them their pay checks, not you.
It amazes me at how many people complain about their boss, or owner. If you don't have happy employees in a good environment how do expect them to treat the customers any different, or even care. Then all you have is people waiting for pay day. You want to create a place where people love to come to work. By doing this small but incredibly huge step in any business with employees, you will be amazed at how hard they will work for you, just for a little appreciation and acknowledgement that they are apart of something. I had good mentors, but none better then the one mentioned before and the is my Grand Father Wells Cloward. He has people all over Utah County where I currently live, that Wells Cloward had a huge impact on. He gained a ton of respect and is missed and honored each and every year at Brigham Young University where he operated ever Food Service facility their was upon his retirement some 15 + years ago. He made the dishwashers feel as important as the Managers of the facility. I was very fortunate to have him after his retirement spend many hours each day at the Car Wash, teaching me the valuable lessons he instilled in so many people.

Steve Cloward has found that PlanetBuzz Ads are the best online ads, most value by far, and the most effective. Steve Cloward recently visited the PlanetBuzz headquarters in Clearwater, FL. Steve Cloward recently was named a Founding PlanetBuzz Agent by President & Founder Bernie Petrescue, and CEO Dennis Campbell. You can see for yourself by visiting this banner.


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Steve Cloward started Cloward & Cloward Appraisal Services just over 13 years ago. Then Changed the name to Express Appraisals 6 years ago, to help seperate my business from others in the industry with same last name. Express Appraisals, Inc. had offices in Orem and St. George, with seven full time appraisers at one time. Steve recently had his brother take over the ownership and operations of Express and changed the business name to Premier Appraisals Inc. which is the most accurate and dependable group of appraisers in the Utah market. Premier Appraisals gives its customers fast turn around, quality appraisals, exceptional customer satisfaction, and friendly family atmosphere in its office and with its clients.

Steve Cloward started Fan Bandz Corp.a for profit company, and Bands for Freedom, Foundation a non for profit Foundation, in 2004 and with the help of his brother Scott Cloward and a friend, Bands for Freedom, Foundation was able to raise and donate $255,000 to the Armed Forces Relief Trust, See Steve Cloward Present $100,000 check to www.afrtrust.org, and also $1,000 to the Fischer House, and over $10,000 to the sports dream foundation. Fan Bandz Corp. was the first company to the market place with Customized Silicone Wristbands for the consumer to purchase behind Nike and Livestrong.
I have had the great fortune of having great individuals, with the highest character and integrity work for me over many years, which I am so grateful for. They all know who they are, and it was fun to have those relationships and our office feel like one big family atmosphere.

Steve Cloward is currently working in the sales and marketing industry where he has found a home like non other in his life with Planet Buzz out of Clear Water, Florida. Planet buzz is a unique business model never seen before that allows traditional sales people to work in their comfort zone and make incredible commissions, or those who really want to have the ride of their lives look at the Network Marketing arm of Planet Buzz with the Worlds First Online ad that you can change to fit your business or online marketing needs anytime you want in real time. This is the perfect business to sell ads to Network Marketers in other companies because it helps them with their exposure, and allows them to tell people they know in other parts of the country or world to go to their ad and see a video they may have made talking about their opportunity, or just uploaded the Corporate video for them to watch. This truly is a synergistic fit for any Network Marketert to increase the opportunity they are sharing with others and working on building.

If you want to change your life and have the income you deserve and have dreamed of, Steve Cloward has the answer for you. If you hate Network Marketing Great, because with Planet buzz and the system Steve can show you, you can have people coming to you and build your business nationwide faster then ever before. Steve Cloward can show you how to attract hundreds if not Thousands to you online, so you don't have to run out to your family and friends who just try and steal your dream most often anyway. And admit it you hate doing that and that is why the success rate in the industry is so low. People have to much fear and not enough belief in what they have to share. With Planet Buzz how can you EVER be afraid to share with ANYONE the ad you can sell them for $49? Steve Cloward is sure you are tired of doing Network Marketing the OLD FASHIONED WAY, WHICH IS THE WAY ALL THE OLD TIMERS CONTINUE TO DO IT, because they don't understand that with todays technology you truly can build a remarkable downline. You don't have to be face to face to make this business a huge success as you will hear from some of your upline who can't adapt to the times of change. Come on and Join now and contact Steve anytime.

Steve Cloward found the way to put the NET into NETwork Marketing, and now so can you. Contact Steve Cloward at 801-830-2222 or send him a e-mail at support@stevecloward.com.

If you will learn to focus on giving other more of what you can to help them succedd, you will be surprised and what will happen to you and your success. It is time to tell others to worry about their own success and not worry about telling you that you can't do something. Why let anyone steal your dreams ever, especially when you have a product, and company that has something almost everyone you know needs and truly can use. Planet Buzz doesn't have to sell you on hype, doesn't have to tell you thay they have the best team in the industry, or there hasn't ever been better timing or all of these things other Network Marketing companies push so hard to get you to believe in their story. Planet Buzz has a story that is simple. They have technology with a product that everyone can use and is unlike anything before, which EVERYONE can afford. They pay you commissions on RETAIL VALUE OF SALES, which is not ever happened that Steve is aware of in this industry. Planet Buzz doesn't make you buy something every month, so how can someone steal that story which is so simple and true and openly genuine that it is hard for Steve to see anyone let this most amazing company and the opportunity they have laid out pass you bye.

Steve Cloward has a beautiful wife Ann, and four boys and one beautiful little girl. Kendall 16, Mitchell 14, Cason 11, Griffin 7 and beautiful little Kelsee 4. Steves family is the pride and joy of his life. His kids make life worth living. If they were all he had he would be truly happy. Steve Cloward has been so blessed with a successful business and other ventures. Steve knows that without the people that work for him, or that have worked for him, non of it would be possible. To all of you Steve Cloward says THANK YOU!


Steve Cloward


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Come visit me and learn first hand how I can assist you in making money with online marketing, so you can stop living pay check to pay check, or you can earn the money you have always dreamed of, but been programmed with subconscious blue prints that tell you otherwise. I can tell you in five minutes if your broke or, and if you are willing to change those blue prints through lessons I can guide you through in order to accomplish anything you can dream of.
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