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Stephen Satz, Owner of Webtech Business Solutions and President of A Step Above Staffing, knows full well that running a business is difficult without even having to worry about staffing, workers’ compensation and adherence to employment laws. His two firms have ensured there is never any lack of substantial staffing and resources for progressive companies. Such an inadequacy, after all, can only spell a real security threat in essence. Webtech has been designed to make organizations greatly successful by: offering sterling e-business solutions for various verticals; delivering grounded on-budget consulting and product solutions for ERP and e-Commerce; and providing unparalleled expertise in Open Source tools and products that deliver nothing less than the most cost-effective solutions to their customers. 
From 1984 till 1999, Stephen Satz was President for Financial Services Associates at Aventura. The highly-responsible position entailed roundtable responsibilities for three major insurance companies. Mr. Satz had to constantly analyze worker’s compensation arrangements, experience modifications, carve-outs, captives, HROs, FAOs, PEOs, back office verticals and all outsourcing entities. At Florida Suncoast Aviation, where he was President from 1999 until 2003, Steve oversaw and directed: daily fueling operation; sales and rental of new aircraft; mechanics operation; airport property management; FBO; and training at the Cessna Pilot Center and Flight School.
Steve Satz has always had one simple philosophy in mind: to ensure that his staffing team is totally familiar with the policies and practices of those they serve so as to provide a perfect interpretation of what the clients’ businesses need. This ensures dependable results and greater profits for the client and their company.  


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