Stephen J Cooney

Stephen J Cooney

Oil Transportation Professional Stephen J. Cooney

Retired Pilot

About Me

Stephen J. Cooney, a former pastor and retired commercial contract pilot, currently serves as field supervisor for a transportation operation located in one of the world’s largest oil fields. His 12-person team consists of several former members of the United States military. The entire team has engaged in hazmat training sessions and subsequently achieved certification in the transportation of hazardous materials, ranging from incendiary materials to radioactive substances. The team received clearance from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as part of the hazmat certification process. In order to qualify for his transportation worker identification credential (TWIC) card, Stephen J. Cooney underwent further review with the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). With his TWIC card, he is eligible for entry at any United States port or military base in the world.

Outside of his piloting career and his current work in the oil industry, Stephen J. Cooney regularly engages in various charitable activities. Between 2008 and 2011, he and his family lived in Central and South America while assisting several Christian and humanitarian organizations in the completion of construction projects. These projects included an orphanage in Panama and a Uruguayan youth camp.


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