Stephen Geldmacher

Stephen Geldmacher

Experienced Business Leader and Developer

Texas Air Shuttle, LLC

About Me

Experienced business leader Stephen Geldmacher launched his career in management at Motorola, leading sales efforts in Houston and New Orleans while also guiding operations as the wireless communications coordinator for the 1984 New Orleans World’s Fair. Stephen Geldmacher drew on this experience to co-found Cellular Express, expanding it into Northern California’s leading wireless repair and installation firm.

Mr. Geldmacher leveraged this knowledge of effective business growth to succeed in various leadership roles at Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, eventually serving as director operations. He then transitioned to Sprint-Nextel, assisting in its business development for nearly a decade. As president of the firm’s North and North Central Regions, Mr. Geldmacher redirected the regions’ operations to rank first in the entire company. 

In 2006, Steve Geldmacher applied his business acumen to the growth of California telecommunications start-up Comvergics Systems. In addition to guiding the new firm’s fundraising and product development activities, he secured FCC approval for the company’s groundbreaking portable wireless technology, which was featured as one of the 20 top tech ideas by Information Week in 2008. 

Recently, Steve Geldmacher directed his efforts to the energy sector, assisting in the development of renewable energy start-up Enviro Energy, LLC, in Houston, Texas. He also serves as chief executive officer and co-founder of Texas Air Shuttle, a membership-based commuter airline.


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