Steersons Steakhouse

Steersons Steakhouse

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Steersons is an australian steakhouse popular for its wide variety of premium steaks. These steaks are made from premium grade meat which are hand cut, prepared and broiled precisely to customers liking. This has been the passion of this dining institution since it entered the food scene in 2004. Steaks are prepared only by excellent chefs who has passion for quality and impeccable attention to detail in seasoning, cooking and presentation to ensure that it would have sumptuous flavor and extraordinary texture. It is the best steak house with superior quality prime steak that money can buy.

Furthermore, Steersons also offers a variety of vegetarian, local seafood and poultry dishes that are complemented with the finest Australian and imported wines. It provides a comprehensive list of dishes, entrees and main/side dishes that are prepared and served with the highest quality service. This dining institution accepts online booking and reservations for special events and occasions. 

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