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STEBIAN.com | Making you look good
online | Video Presentation Coaching 

Washington Blvd, Marina Del Ray, Los Angeles, California,
90292, United States

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About Stebian.com

STEBIAN.com - video presentation coaching to make you look good online. A personalized, virtual consulting service for rising stars and emerging leaders who want to deliver masterful online video presentations. Are you a “diamond in the rough” needing a little polish?  We make you look good online.

1st Impressions Are Crucial

Do you want to deliver masterful online video presentations?

1st impressions are crucial. Within a couple of seconds, your viewers have judged your income, level of education, and even your level of success.

Within 30 seconds (assuming you are interesting enough for them to be still watching) they’ve also judged your level of intelligence, honesty, competence, friendliness, and confidence. Once they have formed this 1st impression, you are stuck with it.

"Presenting to a camera requires a completely different skill-set from public speaking"

It does not seem fair, but it is an inescapable fact.  “How” you deliver your message can be more important than the message itself.

Too many people undermine all their hard work because they don’t know the secrets of how to give a successful video performance.

Confidence in front of the camera

Presenting to a camera requires a completely different skill-set from public speaking – a fact few people are aware of. Being able to speak to a live audience does not necessarily mean you will come across well on camera.  Even confident people can “blow it” when the record button is pushed. The sad thing is, many of them don’t even know they are delivering a poor performance!

The camera has no human qualities.  It doesn’t blink, smile, or give you encouraging feedback like a real person does – it’s just a machine observing you with an intense robotic stare.  This can take some time getting used to. Actors and TV presenters are trained to deal with this.  Unfortunately, most people who are new to video presenting come across very differently on camera than they do in the flesh – and it can seriously detract from your message.

Do you want to look more confident in front of the camera?

Don’t worry if you are currently a “diamond in the rough” needing a little polish.  We will make you look good online!

Deliver masterful online video presentations

Bianca Te Rito provides an exclusive, personalized virtual consulting service to help you deliver masterful online video presentations: whether it is for sales presentations, video blogging, video interviews, or sharing your thought leadership online.

Bianca will teach you how to present yourself on camera in the most effective way possible and help you avoid making the crucial (and all too common) mistakes that can undermine your success and detract from your personal brand.


Specifically you will learn how to:

  • Clarify your goals and develop an online strategy to achieve them
  • Create a compelling online personal brand to make sure you stand out in your field
  • Plan and organize your content delivery for best filming results
  • Identify your best camera angles, camera framing, lighting, background settings
  • Create a strong first impression that hooks your viewers in
  • Adopt the secrets top actors use to connect with the camera
  • Show the appropriate emotions and gestures to match your message
  • Use the techniques that top actors use to manage anxiety and tension
  • Overcome unconscious mannerisms that detract from your message
  • Use body language / clothing / make-up / eye contact / gestures for maximum effect
  • Deliver masterful online video presentations!


Our clients

Bianca works virtually with a variety of clients from all around the world, including professional service firms (accounting firm partners), well-known Hollywood actors, to best-selling business authors (including one recently recognized as one of the top 100 thought leaders in the USA).


Are you a rising star in your field? Do you want to reach the pinnacle of your profession? Let me help you with your online video presentations – we will make you look good online.


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