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Chandler, 85255, United States

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A mural by Starscapes is a proprietary paint process that recreates a permanent, astronomically accurate simulation of a star-filled night sky on the ceiling of a darkened room. Our skilled Starscapes painters hand paint each mural, one star at a time, reproducing a very realistic starscape illusion with thousands of glowing stars that turn your ceiling into a vision of the universe. You choose the date and time represented, our skilled painters create the astonishing results.

When your room goes dark the ceiling will seem to disappear and you will be left staring into a photo realistic image of the far reaches of space, states Starscapes. The night sky will emerge as clearly as if you were outdoors. When the lights are on, no one will know that the stars are even there.


Our goal at Starscapes, is simple, we strive to attract and retain the best. Starscapes is committed to being a leader in the innovation and delivery of tools and techniques that will help people, who are looking for a home business of their own, to succeed and offer the best product anywhere, just as we have since we began years ago.




At Starscapes, we conduct our business with integrity and honesty, and aspire to excellence in all that we do. Starscapes is continuosly challenged to expand and advance our skills to keep pace with the evolving industry and discerning customer. We know our people are vital to the success of the business, and encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential. Starscapes has put together a couple of Business Kits that we feel offer the best value and best bang for the buck to people who are ready to branch out on their own in an exciting business that has limitless potential.





Join a progressive company whose goal is to make a profound difference in people's lives by helping them to be successful in something that they can truly enjoy doing. At Starscapes, we value working relationships and we're passionate about our work. Starscapes welcomes the talent of people from diverse backgrounds to provide the expertise, dedication, and imagination to propel us toward a prosperous future. We're inviting visionary and resourceful individuals to be part of a forward-thinking team that is offering our customers and incredible new way to relax, watch a movie or drift off to sleep.


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