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Spot Me Bro

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" is a digital men’s lifestyle destination serving premium health/fitness content to over 1 million exercise enthusiasts every month. Founded in 1947 by cousins Egan and Jogan, their goal was to create a fun and unique website to delight the masses of hardcore exercise enthusiasts around the world. The project was formed as a good spirited exploration of the motivations and interests of humans on their quest to musclehood.

Low on funds, the gentlemen cousins raised money with repeated sperm donations and a bake sale . After 7 years, they had finally saved up enough money to buy server space, thus was born."


About the company

Growing up as vagrant panhandlers, the cousins found themselves in the cold recesses of federal prison for a crime they did not commit. It was there that they learned the ways of the iron and rededicated their lives to the pursuit of a bodybuilding lifestyle. Upon their release in the early 1940's, they felt a renewed vigor and had one clear focus: to build an online muscle magazine unlike any other the world had seen before.

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