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Quiznos locations and their value for customers

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There are a number of fast food companies all over the United States with all of them having their own features. However one of the most cherished and preferred of all these joints would be Quiznos. This may be primarily because of their location policy. It is interesting to observe the fact the quiznos locations are positioned in such a way that you would find them mostly in the smaller cities and towns. This is aimed at bringing their joints closer to the homes of people. Moreover those towns that could never boast of food joints now have one to enjoy there.
The targeted market for all of these Quiznos locations is made up of mainly white collared males who are between the ages of 41 – 65. It is also targeted at those who live in the suburban areas of the country but work in the urban areas. Indeed this is a very strategic target market since that number is very much rising in the corporate world. What this means is that the number of lunch breaks for such people would also be in the rise and this can be fully catered for by Quiznos locations. The aim is to reach out to the more affluent middle class male workers since they would be able to afford commercial filtered television so that it reduces the amount of commercial viewership.
One of the big threats to the performance of this company is the commercials that are been run to promote the Toasty Torpedo. Indeed this is a memorable advert but it may lead to some problems. This is because of the fact that it makes use of a lot of potential homosexual suggestions and sexual innuendos. One of its main competitors has however been able to develop a very fine jingle that has captured the attention of everyone. Their main competitor also known as Subway presents a real threat which sometimes is seen as unbeatable. It therefore means that Quiznos has to continue to compete in the race as a leading provider of sandwiches.
One of the biggest opportunities that Quiznos locations have to take advantage of it’s their international expansion. This is because now it has more than 500 locations in more than 21 countries. If they are able to open more branches in other countries, it would go a long way to help them reach out to more and more people.


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